Q1.23 Q4.22 information

PFAS report delivered to the Swedish Geotechnical Institute

PFAS is on everyone’s lips, these families also called “forever chemicals” are known as contaminant that many water treatment cannot manage to remove properly. Their boiling point is far above 100 C. Regulations are however getting stricter in EU and USA. HVR together with SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) has delivered its final report to the Swedish Geotechnical Institute proving that the HVR technology can separate PFAS from the water with its standard all in one purification process.  

Check the test results here: Results

HVR’s Pilot facility in Odisha/India Primary School in Balasore reset

After the monsoon period it appeared that the installation needed a reset and some investments to enhance the water production yield. An additional solar thermal collector has been purchased, preparations and maintenance plans for the reset have been organized.

HVR ‘s collaboration with ISRF (Indo-Swedish Rheumatology Foundation) has been tightened, there is a common goal with Professor Urban Rydholm head of the foundation to inaugurate the installation once possible in 2023. Read more at Shakuntala hospital’s webpage.

Commercial spin-offs have been enabled through contacts within the Indian solar thermal industry.