The water will be supplied by local drinking water appliances as a complement to the piped water supply or in autonomous off-grid solutions. HVR business development will likewise be decentralized and realized through a network of local partners around the world. HVR welcomes contact with combined heat and power (CHP) manufacturers, power plants, service providers, brands, distributors, investors and NGOs willing to be part of the solution.

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Our technology is a new standard in water purification. It is essentially thermal driven (~98% of total energy). It is ideal for making ultra-pure water by recovering waste heat and at the same time reducing carbon footprint.

Our system is designed for the use of different industries in order to evaluate and assess all the functionalities of a scalable application.

Our standard installation delivers 3000 liters per day of ultra-pure water. The core of the purification process consists of a group of 6 ultra-pure water serial-produced modules. The central automation system is programmed to manage and test all the functionalities of the installations.

HVR’s Demo facility in Balasore, India

Jaime Camalich recalls HVR early involvement in the project.

Daniel Woldemariam describes the development of the demonstration unit.

Professor Urban Rydholm from the Indo-Swedish Rheumatology Foundation (ISRF), tells about the medical background of the project..


Solar desalination (2013)

Solar-powered water treatment for desalination been tested in Ras-al-Khaima, UAE in co-operation with KTH and University of Ras-al-Khaima (AURAK).

MED brine concentration (2012)

Test of treatment of MED brine in Doha, Qatar. The process could produce distillate quality water from MED brine.

Test on concentrating RO brine at Wessco desalination plant by Bushnak Group in Jeddah (2011)

Earlier brine from desalination plants was returned back into the ocean. Because of local environmental regulations this is no longer acceptable and the brine (concentrate which is 50 percent of the water) has to be treated. With our technology the brine can be concentrated and get pure water.

Drug resides removal from wastewater (2010)

Separation of pharmaceutical residue from wastewater at Sjöstadsverk research and demonstration facility by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL.

Solar desalination (2007)

Test-bed for solar thermal seawater desalination applications in cooperation with Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA).

First prototype tested at KTH (1999)

The first prototype was developed and installed at KTH for testing and validation. Tests performed for a period of 12 months aimed at challenging the integrity of the unit over the long-term operating conditions and with variations of operating parameters.

Other product areas

Medium scale drinking water solution (1000-10 000 L/day)

Community schools, hospitals, supermarkets, military, civil protection, decentralized communities, Tourist Industry

Small scale water up to few hundreds

Households, Kitchens

Precision cultivation and taste markets

Hydroponics, aquaponics, breweries, food, Agro- research

UN’s goal number six

Clean water and sanitation is UN’s goal number 6, to ensure access to water and sanitation for all. Due to bad economics and poor infrastructure, millions of people including children die every year from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and bad hygiene. 2,2 billion people around the world haven’t got clean and healthy water today. Access to clean and healthy water is the foundation of a better quality of life for the majority of the population in the world. By using HVR´s technology, all that can be changed to the better!

Eight important factors

HVR is all about 8 important factors that together will reach the UN-SDG 6 to secure access water and sanitation for all:

CLEAN water
CHEAP water
SUSTAINABLE production of water
LOCALLY produced water
FLEXIBLE production
SCALABLE production
REUSABLE bottles
CIRCULAR process

HVR have all the plans for it! HVR has already begun making a difference with the cases listed above.