Q1.23 Q4.22 information

PFAS report delivered to the Swedish Geotechnical Institute PFAS is on everyone’s lips, these families also called “forever chemicals” are known as contaminant that many water treatment cannot manage to remove properly. Their boiling point is far above 100 C. Regulations are however getting stricter in EU and USA. HVR together with SLU (Swedish University […]

New publication on HVR’s technology on resource recovery. Can drinking water and nutrients be recovered from wastewaters efficiently?

Our colleague Ershad Khan published an article on the results of the joint research study between HVR Water Purification AB, SLU-Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Biogas Research Center (BRC) and Uppsala Vatten och Avfall AB, and financed by The Swedish Energy Agency. The title is “Waste Heat Driven Integrated Membrane Distillation for Concentrating Nutrients and […]

Q3 Report 2022

Household appliances During the quarter, HVR has initiated contact with various prospective partners and stakeholders for the manufacture and distribution of future products with an emphasis on a household appliance. Several well-known brands have been able to open their doors. HVR has several previous prototypes behind it, the work to be able to produce an […]

The future for HVR

Water is the source of life—and it’s becoming increasingly scarce. By 2030, the gap between global demand and supplies of fresh water is expected to reach 40%. The climate crisis, population growth and the transition to clean energy may increase that deficit further. Desalinated water may still be too expensive for agricultural use, but it […]

March 2022

The water purification unit for school children in India is now up and running. The unit will supply 200 children with pure water to drink. HVR has completed the change from diesel operation to operation with solar energy. Heat for the process is supplied by solar panels and the electricity for pumping by solar cells. […]

Odisha drinking water pilot upgraded to be fully automated

In 2019 HVR installed its pilot drinking water equipment in a school in Odisha, India. The pilot unit was installed in cooperation with Shakuntala Rheumatology Hospital in Balasore. The water purification system was initially planned to be powered by waste heat from diesel generator and later upgraded into a fully solar powered system. For the […]

Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report, for the calendar year of 2020, is now live on the website. However, it is only available in Swedish. You can find the report under investors page by clicking the button “annual report”. If you would like certain parts of the report translated to English, please contact us for further assistance.

Issue of shares in Type1water

Type1water AB manufactures equipment for the production of ultra-pure water in laboratories. The company’s product Nanocap is unique in that it removes even the smallest nanoparticles from the water. No other product on the market can efficiently remove nanoparticles that are less than 20 nanometers in diameter. This feature of Nanocap will have great economic significance for companies […]

Tap water from across America found to contain Arsenic, Lead and other toxic chemicals

An investigation on drinking water by the Guardian and Consumer Reports (CR) found an alarming levels of chemicals including Arsenic, Lead and PFAS (Per– and polyfluoroalkyl substance) in 118 of the 120 locations sampled across America. This finding gives an overview of the huge challenge drinking water services are facing and the seriousness of the […]

The Past Year

Dear Shareholder, 2020 was a year full of surprises for all of us. Covid-19 swept through the world and its impact is evident in all aspects of society today. Despite minor setbacks, we at HVR are humbled and proud to announce that the the company has faired well during this period. We’ve registered a new […]