New publication on HVR’s technology on resource recovery. Can drinking water and nutrients be recovered from wastewaters efficiently?

Our colleague Ershad Khan published an article on the results of the joint research study between HVR Water Purification AB, SLU-Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Biogas Research Center (BRC) and Uppsala Vatten och Avfall AB, and financed by The Swedish Energy Agency. The title is “Waste Heat Driven Integrated Membrane Distillation for Concentrating Nutrients and Process Water Recovery at a Thermophilic Biogas Plant” and published in the Journal of Wastewater Treatment and Sustainable Development.

The main aim of this work is to contribute to circular economy concept by proposing HVR’s waste heat driven water purification technology for wastewater treatment for nutrients and clean water recovery aspects. The article can be openly accessed at the publisher’s webpage