Explanation about buying and selling shares in the company

International transactions of shares in the company. 

All shares are registered at the Swedish Central Securities Depository – Euroclear.

Procedure for purchase of shares

1. Check if there are shares for sale on the bulletin board.
2. If you have a share deposit of your own in Sweden, just contact the seller,
agree on a settlement note and make the mutually agreed transaction.
(You send the money first and the seller transfers the shares to your account).
3. If you do not have your own share deposit at a Swedish bank, or broker,
ask your bank or broker to open an account for you and then proceed as in 2.
Or ask your bank or broker to do the settlement and transfer for you.

Procedure for selling shares

1. Put up the shares for sale on the bulletin board.
2. Wait for a buyer to contact you.
3. Make up a price with the buyer and then agree on the settlement with the buyer.
They pay first to your bank account and then you transfer the shares to their deposit.

Share price development (SEK)

As our shares are unlisted, we do not have a say about the price point at which they are sold. However, we have provided you with a chart which showcases the price development through the years.

Who is responsible for the transaction?

In accordance with the Financial Stability Council’s rules, we are not allowed to interfere with the buying and selling of our shares. In order to buy and sell our shares, please click on one of the two buttons below, and follow the instructions. For your convenience, we have provided a template settlement note. Please take note that the settlement note is in Swedish.

I would like to…



The first step is to contact one of the sellers. You negotiate the price amongst yourselves. The seller will then fill out a settlement note, you may use the template provided by us, and the buyer will then pay for the shares. Please follow this up by contacting your bank who will transfer the shares from seller to buyer. The sellers bank will then inform Euroclear of the transaction, and the registers will be updated accordingly.


Håkan Danielsson fiskebyruntorp@hotmail.se
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Dhyana Sörensen Lindholm lovecraftdhyana@gmail.com
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Anneli Svelander-Elgstrand n.svea@telia.com
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Maria Carlström mia.carlstrom@live.se
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Niclas Wolf niclaswolf@gmail.com
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Hannelore Edstav edstavh@gmail.com
E-mail copied
Alexander von Zeipel vonzeip@aol.com
E-mail copied
Cecilia Ekstrand cissi50@live.se
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Björn Folkstedt folkstedt@gmail.com
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Inger Stjernlöf inger.stjernlof@spray.se
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Göran Bergsten goran@brgstn.com
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Lars Sjögren la_sjogren@hotmail.com.com
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Amnesty International daniela.fitger@amnesty.se
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Solveig Eriksson solweig.ericson@tillit.se
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Erik Dahlgren erik@totalcom.se
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Lars Olof Almquist loa@almquist.se
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Jan Hellstadius janhellstadius@hotmail.com
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Step one is to provide your details, please fill out your name and email, in the form below. When a buyer contacts you, you will negotiate the amount of shares to be sold and price point, amongst yourselves. The seller will send the buyer a settlement note. A template of this can be found here. Once the buyer has paid for their shares, the seller contacts their bank who will transfer the shares. The seller’s bank will contact Euroclear who will update the registers accordingly.

By registering with this form, you agree that HVR processes your details in accordance with GDPR rules.

If your shares haven’t been sold within 14 days, you will have to renew this process.