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1973: The Swedish research company Scarab Development AB began research in water technology, with the primary goal being desalination.

1979: The first patent was approved, and since then, more than 20 international patents have been granted.

1990: HVR Water Purification AB was spun off to develop equipment for drinking water purification.

Since 1990: Successful testing of all types of pollutants has been conducted. Hundreds of prototype tests have been performed. Field tests with various types of equipment have been conducted in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. Laboratory equipment has been manufactured and delivered to researchers in Australia, Italy, and France. Two doctoral theses and about ten master’s theses have been published.

2010 – 2022: A first version of the module has been in operation in Stockholm for over ten years without any complications being registered during this period.


2016: Development of an improved module began. Three new patents have been filed and approved in Sweden and are under international application.

2019: Field tests began for a pilot project in Odisha, India, and are being continuously evaluated.

2023: Production line for the new modules is completed.

2023: Upgrading of equipment in Odisha begins.

2024: Marketing activities commence.

  • The modules are the core of the product and utilize the new technology.
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HVR Team

Aapo Sääsk CEO
Daniel Woldemariam, PhD Energy Technology (Technology Officer)
Ershad Khan, PhD Energy Technology (Scientific Expert), Energy, Water and Resources Recovery Nexus
Madeleine Eriksson Administration

The Board

Håkan Klingén
Shorena Tsendeliani

Advisory Board

Urban Rydholm, Professor at Lund University Medical Research
Peter Nobel Design and manufacturing, Business Strategy, Management Consulting, Change Management
Uday Kumar Nutakki, PhD Renewable Energy Integrated Systems Design, Environmental Sustainability Applied R&D