March 2022

The water purification unit for school children in India is now up and running.

The unit will supply 200 children with pure water to drink. HVR has completed the change from diesel operation to operation with solar energy. Heat for the process is supplied by solar panels and the electricity for pumping by solar cells. The entire system has also been automated.

A demonstration facility in Egypt is being planned

Based on our experiences in Sweden and in Odisha, we have begun preparations to build a commercial demonstration facility in El Gouna in Hurghada, Egypt. We will step from one of the poorest villages in India to one of the most luxurious holiday resorts in the world. The demonstration

plant will have a similar capacity as the plant in Odisha, i.e., 500 to 1000 liters per day. An advantage of the facility in El Gouna, which is a well-visited tourist resort, is that we can demonstrate it to customers in a simple and convenient way.

Water is optimized in terms of taste, physiology and health.

While the facility in Odisha is there to save school children from destructive toxins (mainly fluoride) in the well water, the facility in El Gouna will have the task of converting seawater to drinking water that is optimized in terms of taste, physiology and health.

Local bottled water factories

Later, we will also market equipment for local bottled water factories.

Household appliance

Over the years, HVR has built a large number of well-functioning prototypes for a water purifier that can be used in private kitchens. We have now chosen one of these for launch and expect that a commercial version will be ready in 2023.