HVR focuses on the purification of dangerous well water for which no other present technologies are suitable

HVR will focus on specially developed products for families and communities that have hazardous substances in the well water, such as fluoride and arsenic; primarily in Bangladesh, where HVR has been running a project for many years, and in India, where a first pilot plant has been built.

In these countries alone there are now tens of millions of unserviceable wells.

HVR pilot in Odisha, India

HVR has transferred the knowledge and rights to the original consumer product HVR24/Elixir to Hydromars. HVR believes that Hydromars has greater opportunities to finance the launch of a consumer product on the market. The shareholders have been generously compensated by Scarab Development AB with one share in Hydromars for each share in HVR.

HVR’s prototypes at Hydromars’ premises at the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala.