HVR’s purpose is to provide absolutely pure drinking water at affordable cost.

Aapo Sääsk, Founder of HVR

Drinking water is getting more and more precious

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Scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute made this picture comparing the volume of the earth planet as a basketball with all on earth waters as a ping pong ball, fresh water would be the corn seed on the right. Proper safe drinking water would be invisible in this scale. Climate change, increasing man-made pollutions and growing populations are factors making safe drinking water more and more precious on earth.


Let HVR mine ultra-pure water wherever you are, whatever the source

There is a scientific consensus that earth’s natural water circle is severely disturbed. Research tells us that even rainwater is not to be trusted (Source: Stockholm University). For us at HVR it is also non-sense to turn to plastic bottles for quenching one’s thirst. It is neither healthy to ingest microplastics to an average of one credit card a week (Source NGO: WWF) as we do unconsciously nor sustainable to package, store and transport fresh water on long distances.

We believe that fresh water should be produced and delivered close to where people live in a decentralised manner. With a HVR equipment it does not matter whether the water is sourced off grid or on grid or from the sea. Neither does it matter if one’s well is naturally contaminated with arsenic like in Sweden and Bangladesh or if one’s tap water is delivered through lead pipes as it is for 10 million households in USA (Source US Government: The White House Fact sheet).

Since 1990 HVR has researched and developed its technology which delivers the cleanest drinking water regardless of the types of pollutions and contaminations.

The HVR purification process is essentially powered by low grade thermal energy with some electricity for pumping the water to be treated. Our scientists and engineers have always in mind the most sustainable energy supply when designing our appliances. They can use waste heat or renewable energies, to drive the purification process.

There is no magic but only Science, our technology is future ready

Our technology is about mining ultra-pure water. HVR’s all-in-one process recovers up to 95% of ultra-pure water extracted out of any water even from extremely polluted sources. Conventional technologies would require a series of steps and extra investments to achieve the same results. HVR has been challenged through the years and successfully proved that we can separate water from what should not be in the water. The process is based on water’s physical property when evaporated. During the separation process, the purity of the water (>99.9%) is constantly controlled by its conductivity level. Our process is expected to manage future water-bound hazards. Some of the pollutants HVR’s technology can remove:

  • Salt
  • All non-volatile pollutants including heavy metals
  • Nanoparticles, plastics
  • Fluoride,
  • Arsenic
  • Pharmaceutical residuals
  • PFAS
  • Pesticides
  • Pathogenic microbes (bacteria, viruses, protozoans, molds…)
  • Disinfectant chemicals
  • Organic chemicals
  • Radioactive substances


By using the same technology as its sister companies, synergies are created. Each new breakthrough is cross-licensed between the companies and can be used freely within each company’s market.


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