Future Covid-19 updates

I have written a lot about Corona and COVID on this page. I mainly saw it as a service to our shareholders. Now I see that other media raise similar issues.

How to Avoid Drinking Heavy Metals

This is an article on how to avoid drinking heavy metals. As there are several ways in which heavy metals can get into your drinking water, the article suggests a few remedies.

Regarding the Corona virus

These are challenging times. Personally, I believe that the Covid-19 epidemic will be over sooner rather than later.

What water should I drink?

Traditional health springs often had high contents of minerals in their waters. Whether the waters actually cured people or not is not clear, but it is clear that many people believe that minerals in water are beneficial to the body – at least some kinds of minerals.

Illness from tap water

In every water pipe there are billions of bacteria and virus in layers of sediment and sludge.